coconut oil for horses

7 ways to use coconut oil for horses

Sometimes it can seem like coconut oil is in every product that you own. From shampoos, medicine, foods and even household detergents. However there is a good reason for this. It has many proven health benefits and is extremely versatile. Over the last 20 years coconut oil has been steadily …

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Tennessee walking horse

Tennessee walking horse – 7 facts you may not know

The Tennessee Walking Horse, commonly called the Tennessee Walker, is a light horse breed developed in middle Tennessee for use on southern plantations in the USA during the 18th century. The horse is synonymous with the south in particular Tennessee who have declared it the national horse of that state. The horse …

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Akhal Teke Horse

8 Facts about the Akhal Teke Horse

All horses are beautiful, stoic creatures that are interesting to behold and spend time with. However, some horses are renown for being unique and possessing interesting characteristics that one might not find in your everyday equine. One such horse is the Akhal Teke horse, an interesting breed that’s often known …

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Horse Body Language

8 Ways to read your Horses’ Body Language

If you observe horses at rest in the field for any length of time, you might be struck by the interaction between them.  Observe them for a while and you can see subtle horse body language which is an essential part of their communication with one another.  The flick of …

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