Horse sunburn barn

5 tips to avoid Horse Sunburn

Sometimes we forget that Sunburn can affect our animals too. Just like humans, horses can suffer from sunburn and it can be very sore if left untreated. All equine breeds are susceptible to horse sunburn and it can occur throughout the year. There are some treatment options for sunburn but …

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Equine therapy

8 benefits of equine therapy

The idea of using horses for improving physical and mental health is not new. Hippocrates was said to have mentioned the potential of horses being useful for helping to manage health. However, equine therapy hadn’t been adopted in the modern world until around the 1960s. There are a number of …

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Cavaletti: How to set up and use?

Derived from the Italian word, cavaletto, which means ‘little horse’, Cavaletti are small wooden jumps consisting of a fixed pole anchored at each end by an X frame. X——–X Have Cavaletti fallen out of fashion? With the arrival of modern materials and the Poly block, riders quickly started to favour, …

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How Long do Horses live

How Long do Horses live?

How long do horses live? Well, it depends- the lifespan of a horse typically ranges from 20 -30 years old. The exact expected lifespan of a horse mainly depends on the horse’s breed and the type of life that they live. It is not unusual for a horse to live …

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The 5 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

The fastest animal on earth is the cheetah which has a top speed of between 68mph and 75mph.  However, the cheetah doesn’t have to carry anything on its back.  So, the accolade of the fastest weight bearing mammal on earth is awarded to the horse and the fastest horse breed …

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Horse seat

9 simple tips to improve your seat

The seat is frequently discussed as an essential part of good horsemanship but why is it so important to improve your seat? A good seat when you ride not only provides balance and security but allows the rider to influence the horse effectively, developing training and bond and promoting harmony …

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