Best Horse Breeds for Dressage

5 Best Horse Breeds for Dressage

Modern dressage is dominated by European bred horses, in particular breeds from Germany and Holland. With this in mind, it isn’t necessary to have an expensive pure dressage bred horse. Flatwork is the basis of good riding, and dressage is the foundation of flatwork. All horses can do some level …

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Percheron Draft Horse

Percheron Horse- History, Colors, Uses, and Facts

The Percheron draft horse is one of the most common and well-known draft breeds. Their large, powerful physique is at first intimidating, but they have wonderful, gentle natures. The Percheron’s willing personality makes it popular for many uses, in particular, pulling heavy loads and driving carriages. Percheron Origin and History …

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Why Horse need Salt.

Why do Horses Need Salt?

Salt is an essential electrolyte for horses. A horse cannot produce this mineral itself, and it needs to be added to its diet. Salt is a mineral made up of sodium and chloride. It plays an important role in the function of the body. Every horse owner should provide salt …

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equestrian Inluencers

10 Equestrian Influencers to Follow On Instagram

Equestrian hobbies and interests may seem like a niche enthusiasm but there is no shortage of people on social media looking to find good equestrian content. Over the last number of years a number of people have cultivated large followings who are interested in such content. These “Equestrian Influencers” come …

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