Horse Tail Grooming

12 Tips for Horse Tail Grooming

There is nothing like a horse with a beautifully clean and brushed tail.  You might be lucky and your horse has a dark colored tail – bay, black or chestnut – it’s double the work if you have a grey!  Some of our tips will be specifically aimed at grey …

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horse colic

9 Signs That Your Horse Might Have An Ulcer

Ulcers in horses can be challenging to identify as they sometimes present with quite generic symptoms.  Only veterinary diagnosis will confirm whether your horse has ulcers or not but what are the telltale signs that you should keep an eye out for?  Read our handy guide and become better informed. …

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Horse Colic

6 Things a Horse Should never eat

Every now and then its nice to treat your horse to some different food. My own horse loves apples and gets very excited if he thinks that there is one concealed in jacket. Treats are a good way of maintaining the bond between you and your horse. However we need …

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Horse fly spray

How to make homemade fly spray for your horse

In these days of environmental consciousness, riders are starting to question the use of chemicals on their horses in much the same way as they may be looking at the ingredient list for many other products in use within the home. There is a growing move away from harmful chemicals …

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coconut oil for horses

7 ways to use coconut oil for horses

Sometimes it can seem like coconut oil is in every product that you own. From shampoos, medicine, foods and even household detergents. However there is a good reason for this. It has many proven health benefits and is extremely versatile. Over the last 20 years coconut oil has been steadily …

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Horse Body Language

8 Ways to read your Horses’ Body Language

If you observe horses at rest in the field for any length of time, you might be struck by the interaction between them.  Observe them for a while and you can see subtle horse body language which is an essential part of their communication with one another.  The flick of …

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Healthy Horse

8 Healthy Horse Treats that your horse will love

It is almost irresistible not to treat your horse but what is the best present to give him?  Treats don’t have to equal ‘unhealthy’ or ‘sugar-laden’, a treat can be both healthy and unusual, so something that he does not normally have included in his diet.  And treats don’t have …

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Horse sunburn barn

5 tips to avoid Horse Sunburn

Sometimes we forget that Sunburn can affect our animals too. Just like humans, horses can suffer from sunburn and it can be very sore if left untreated. All equine breeds are susceptible to horse sunburn and it can occur throughout the year. There are some treatment options for sunburn but …

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