Horse Body Language

8 Ways to read your Horses’ Body Language

If you observe horses at rest in the field for any length of time, you might be struck by the interaction between them.  Observe them for a while and you can see subtle horse body language which is an essential part of their communication with one another.  The flick of …

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Healthy Horse

8 Healthy Horse Treats that your horse will love

It is almost irresistible not to treat your horse but what is the best present to give him?  Treats don’t have to equal ‘unhealthy’ or ‘sugar-laden’, a treat can be both healthy and unusual, so something that he does not normally have included in his diet.  And treats don’t have …

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Horse sunburn barn

5 tips to avoid Horse Sunburn

Sometimes we forget that Sunburn can affect our animals too. Just like humans, horses can suffer from sunburn and it can be very sore if left untreated. All equine breeds are susceptible to horse sunburn and it can occur throughout the year. There are some treatment options for sunburn but …

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How Long do Horses live

How Long do Horses live?

How long do horses live? Well, it depends- the lifespan of a horse typically ranges from 20 -30 years old. The exact expected lifespan of a horse mainly depends on the horse’s breed and the type of life that they live. It is not unusual for a horse to live …

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