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7 Unusual Equestrian Sports You’ve Never Seen Before

Horse sports are as old as the relationship between horses and humans. Each region of the world has their own preferred equestrian sport with racing, showjumping, and rodeo riding being some of the most popular. However there are tonnes of other horse sports that you are likely to have never …

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horse wedding

6 ways to include your horse in your wedding

Your wedding day is a celebration of the commitment and love between you and your partner. The day traditionally includes friends and family and many people try to include the personalize the day by including their personality and other parts of the life in the celebration. If like me your …

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Horse Names

50 stunning names for your Horse

One of the most fun things about getting a horse is picking a name. You want a horse name that represents their look while also capturing their personality. Picking a name for a horse is a lot like picking a name for a newborn. It can be an agonizing process …

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