summer horse

8 Essential Warm Weather Horse Care Tips

Depending on where in the world you reside you will have different climate challenges when it comes to keeping your horse comfortable in different seasons. Summertime is a great time to ride but it is also a time when we need to take extra precautions with equine management. In warmer …

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senior Horse cover

Tips to ensure your senior horse lives their best possible life

With advances in veterinary science, particularly in the treatment of arthritis and the increasing work being done in the field of Equine Cushing’s Disease, many horses are living happy and fulfilling lives well on into their twenties and sometimes beyond.  But older horses are high maintenance and it is important …

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Horse grazing

7 Fruits & Veg that a Horse should Never Eat!

Most Horses have a plain diet. In general they prefer to eat small amounts of food steadily throughout the day as they do if left to graze on a pasture. However horses also love treats and many owners like to reward their horses with fruits or vegetables such as apples …

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6 Ways to Mentally Stimulate your Horse

7 tips to mentally Stimulate your Horse

h as teach Horses are extremely emotional animals. They love to have fun, play, and get new challenges. Just like humans they can easily become bored if they lack proper simulation. Often horses have a the same daily routine with feeding and exercise happening in the same way at the …

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Horse Companion

The Top 5 Non-human Companions for a Horse

Horses are herd animals and just like humans, they crave social interaction. The best companion for a horse is another horse. However, horses are expensive to keep and can be a lot of work. It also may not be possible for you to keep your horse alongside other horses. The …

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Horse Grooming tricky

8 tips for Grooming a Horse (that doesn’t want to be groomed)

Grooming is a very important activity both between horses in the herd and between handler or owner and the horse.  Horses mutually groom each other to demonstrate care and attention to one another.  Grooming between owner and horse has numerous health benefits and also establishes a connection and bond between …

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Horse Stress

15 Telltale Signs of Stress in Horse

Horses are incredibly sensitive creatures with A very highly developed sense of sight, sound and smell.  As a flight animal, they are constantly attuned to signs of danger and the unknown. As a result they can become easily stressed by things they don’t understand, things they dislike and objects or …

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Stop horse eating too fast

8 tips for Stopping a Horse Eating too Fast

Most horses get excited when it comes to feeding time. However some horses can get a little bit too excited and may eat their food too fast as a result. This is more likely to happen with grains. When a horse eats too fast it increases the risk of the …

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Improve Bond with Horse

11 Ways to Improve Your Bond With Your Horse

One of the best ways to improve your bond with your horse is simply to spend more time with them. This means not just riding but also on the ground.  If your horse lives out 24/7 then it can be easy to end up spending less touching time with them …

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Cracked hooves

6 Tips to Avoid your Horses Hooves Cracking

Many horses will experience cracked hooves in their lifetime. Most cracks will heal themselves and present no real risk to the horse. However some cracks can become more serious and can result in a chronically unbalanced hoof and can even lead to lameness. There are many reasons why a horses …

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