Best back protector

5 Best Horse Riding Body Protectors Reviewed

There is no doubt that horse riding is a risky pursuit. If you have been riding long enough you are likely to have experienced at least one unplanned dismount in your time. In terms of protection a good horse riding helmet is a must. If you are still looking for …

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Horse Bits

The Most Common Types of Horse Bits

Looking at horse bits is overwhelming. There are hundreds of different types. In recent years, many new designs have hit the market. However, choosing the right bit for your horse does not have to be complicated. Most horses will only need a common type. Let’s take a look at some …

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Best Riding Helmet

Best Horse Riding Helmets for Western Riders 2021

The debate about whether Barrel Racers and Western Style riders should wear helmets seems to be never ending. On one side people believe that helmets are not part of the culture of Western riding and that they do not need one. On the other side people feel that helmets are …

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