Spotted Horse Breeds

15 Spotted Horse Breeds You Should Know

There are plenty of amazing horse breeds out there that stand out from the crowd, but if you want one that really leaves an impression for a very long time, you should definitely consider going for a spotted one. Whenever people think about spotted horses though, they make the mistake …

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Buckskin Horse Running

Buckskin Horses – Everything You Need to Know

According to a study by the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, there are over 700 horse breeds out there, that’s why it’s probably extremely hard for any ordinary person to even know half of them by name. Actually, most equine experts only recognize about 200 horse breeds, so many horse …

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Work & Draft Horse

The 15 Best Work & Draft Horse Breeds

While the world has changed a lot over the past hundred years or so, one thing that has remained a constant within our history is our close relationship with our horses. Regardless of whether you want a pet horse or if you want one to win a competition of any …

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Largest Horse Breeds

The 15 Largest Horse Breeds in the World

There are currently more horse breeds in the world than you could possibly think, to the point where if you actually want to get your hands on a pretty good horse, you will definitely have to spend a decent amount of time just to find the perfect breed for you. …

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Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

20 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds in the World

Horses are graceful, fascinating creatures, with lots of attitude and character. Some of them are just simply magnificent and there are so many different things that are perfect about them, from the way they move, their shining coats, the way they are put together, their ticklish ears, big noses, or …

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