Miniature Horses

Miniature Horses 101: Everything You Need to Know

We all love horses here and that’s a fact. Regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what kind of a person you think you are, chances are that if you clicked on this link then you are just as much of a fan of horses as the rest …

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Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

20 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds in the World

Horses are graceful, fascinating creatures, with lots of attitude and character. Some of them are just simply magnificent and there are so many different things that are perfect about them, from the way they move, their shining coats, the way they are put together, their ticklish ears, big noses, or …

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Warmblood Horse & Other Horse Types Explained

When reading about horses, you may come across terms such as warmblood horse , cold blood horse, and hot blooded to describe certain types of horse.  These terms can be confusing, as a horse can’t literally have cold blood or blood hotter than another horse. So what do these terms …

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dapple grey horse

What is a Dapple Grey Horse? Horse Dappling explained

The term grey horse can be confusing. This is because a grey horse can be born with any number of base colors depending on their genetics. However over time they will all slowly become more grey and most grey horses will eventually become completely white. At different stages in this …

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Bald Face Horse and other Horse Markings Explained

One of the most beautiful features of the horse is their unique markings. Horse markings typically refer to the presence of a light marking on an otherwise dark base color coat.  Every marking is different, and it is a reminder of each horses unique personality. Markings such as bald face, …

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Highland Pony Scotland

The Highland Pony – History, Uses, and Interesting Facts

The Highland pony is one of the most well known native British horse breeds. The breed is specifically a Scottish pony that has developed over several centuries. Scotland has a harsh environment and climate that can often be quite severe in winter. The Highland pony has developed to survive in …

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friesian cover

The Friesian Horse – History, Info, & Interesting Facts

The Friesian horse breed has an undeniable presence. They stand tall and proud, making it very unlikely they would go unnoticed in a group of horses. Despite their bulky physique, the Friesian is graceful and light-footed in its movements. The Friesian is a popular and well known horse breed.   …

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Best Horse Breeds for Dressage

5 Best Horse Breeds for Dressage

Modern dressage is dominated by European bred horses, in particular breeds from Germany and Holland. With this in mind, it isn’t necessary to have an expensive pure dressage bred horse. Flatwork is the basis of good riding, and dressage is the foundation of flatwork. All horses can do some level …

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Percheron Draft Horse

Percheron Horse- History, Colors, Uses, and Facts

The Percheron draft horse is one of the most common and well-known draft breeds. Their large, powerful physique is at first intimidating, but they have wonderful, gentle natures. The Percheron’s willing personality makes it popular for many uses, in particular, pulling heavy loads and driving carriages. Percheron Origin and History …

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The Best Horse Breeds for Jumping

Most horses are capable of jumping a small jump. But when it comes to needing a horse to participate in jumping regularly, it is best to look at specific breeds. Modern jumping horses have developed over decades of careful breeding. Within certain breeds, there can be a difference in those …

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