Horse Water Thirst

Horse Water Needs – Tips for managing a Horses Hydration

Water is essential for your horse’s health. It has a role to play in every part of the horse’s body. Learning to manage your horse’s water quality and intake is one of the most important skills to learn. Why is water so important? Water keeps the body functioning correctly. Proper …

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Horse supplements

The 9 Most Popular Horse Supplements

Horse owners want to do the best for the health of their horses. To help owners fill this need, the use of horse supplements has become hugely popular. But knowing what one is the best or choosing between brands is overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices here are …

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Horse Lying Down1

The 7 Most Common Horse Diseases & their Symptoms

Horses are afflicted by several diseases. Some are treatable and don’t have lasting effects, while others can mean the end of their sports career or even life. Not all diseases are common, so you rarely have to worry about them. However, there are diseases that every horse owner should be …

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Why Horse need Salt.

Why do Horses Need Salt?

Salt is an essential electrolyte for horses. A horse cannot produce this mineral itself, and it needs to be added to its diet. Salt is a mineral made up of sodium and chloride. It plays an important role in the function of the body. Every horse owner should provide salt …

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Horse Rolling

Why do horses roll? Different reasons explained

If you spend enough time around horses, you will have noticed one of their favorite activities is having a good roll. A nice dusty part of the paddock or a muddy puddle is particularly appealing. Often to the horror of their owners who have just spent time getting them sparkling …

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barn safety

23 tips to keep your Barn safe for horses

Most riders think about accidents and injuries occurring when the horse is under saddle or at liberty in the field or even out at a competition but how safe is your yard and barn?  Your horse spends a lot of time in the barn over the course of a year …

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Oldenburg Topline

11 ways to build up your horse’s topline

What does Topline mean? The topline of the horse is a reference to the muscle groups which run along either side and over the top of the horse’s spine and on some of which the rider sits.  The specific area which the topline encompasses is the vertebral column (spine) from …

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Horse Lying Down2

Why Is My Horse Lying Down More Than Usual?

There are a few different reasons why a horse might lie down, the most common reason being to sleep. If a horse lies down it is not usually an immediate cause for concern. However if a horse lies down for a prolonged period or suddenly begins lying down more than …

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9 tips for Conditioning An Older Horse- Getting back to Work

If you have purchased or own a senior horse and are hoping to improve their overall conditioning then it is important to have a plan. This is because they have a different set of needs and requirements than younger horses and any program for conditioning should take this into account. …

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8 Tips to Speed Up Stall Cleaning and Mucking Out

Stall cleaning is one of those jobs that needs to be done every day of the year. Horses don’t care if its Christmas Day as they will always need their stalls mucked out. The volume and frequency of the job depends on the number of stalls to be cleaned and …

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