What is a Baby Horse Called

What is a Baby Horse Called?

Almost every living creature out there can have a baby and when they do, these babies have a special name, depending on their species. While horses definitely hold a special place in our hearts, they are no exception from this case, as they have their very own term that they …

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How Much Do Horses Weigh

How Much Do Horses Weigh?

While the world definitely doesn’t revolve around one’s weight, we will have to say that when it comes to actually doing proper labor and moving our bodies around, we do need to keep ourselves around a certain number to maximize our chances of success. This also applies heavily for the …

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Horse Water Thirst

Horse Water Needs – Tips for managing a Horses Hydration

Water is essential for your horse’s health. It has a role to play in every part of the horse’s body. Learning to manage your horse’s water quality and intake is one of the most important skills to learn. Why is water so important? Water keeps the body functioning correctly. Proper …

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Can Horses Swim?

Can Horses Swim? The Facts about horses and swimming

Horses, like many mammals, can swim naturally without being taught. When a horse swims, it paddles, similar to how a dog swims. If you looked through a clear window that allows you to see underwater, it would look like the horse doing a type of trot in the water. However, …

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Horse supplements

The 9 Most Popular Horse Supplements

Horse owners want to do the best for the health of their horses. To help owners fill this need, the use of horse supplements has become hugely popular. But knowing what one is the best or choosing between brands is overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices here are …

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Horse Lying Down1

The 7 Most Common Horse Diseases & their Symptoms

Horses are afflicted by several diseases. Some are treatable and don’t have lasting effects, while others can mean the end of their sports career or even life. Not all diseases are common, so you rarely have to worry about them. However, there are diseases that every horse owner should be …

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Why Horse need Salt.

Why do Horses Need Salt?

Salt is an essential electrolyte for horses. A horse cannot produce this mineral itself, and it needs to be added to its diet. Salt is a mineral made up of sodium and chloride. It plays an important role in the function of the body. Every horse owner should provide salt …

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Horse Rolling

Why do horses roll? Different reasons explained

If you spend enough time around horses, you will have noticed one of their favorite activities is having a good roll. A nice dusty part of the paddock or a muddy puddle is particularly appealing. Often to the horror of their owners who have just spent time getting them sparkling …

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Tips for Loading a Difficult to Load Horse

 13 Tips for Loading a Difficult to Load Horse

How well a horse loads and travels is always a key consideration at purchase, after all, if the horse won’t travel happily then this can cause huge issues if you want to train or compete or even just go to the vets. Why are some Horses Difficult to Load? There …

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Horse Diagram

Horse Diagram – The Main Body Parts of a Horse

The chances are that you may know the name of some if not most of a horses body parts. Knowing the body parts is key to good horsemanship and everyone who cares and regularly interacts with horses such have a basic understanding of the main parts of a horses anatomy. …

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