How Much Horsepower Does a Horse Have

How Much Horsepower Does a Horse Have?

This is an age-old question that pretty much everyone has asked themselves at least once during their lifetime and for good reason too. How much horsepower does a horse have? Shouldn’t it be just one since it is a horse that we’re talking about here? Well no actually, the answer …

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Best back protector

5 Best Horse Riding Body Protectors Reviewed

There is no doubt that horse riding is a risky pursuit. If you have been riding long enough you are likely to have experienced at least one unplanned dismount in your time. In terms of protection a good horse riding helmet is a must. If you are still looking for …

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dapple grey horse

What is a Dapple Grey Horse? Horse Dappling explained

The term grey horse can be confusing. This is because a grey horse can be born with any number of base colors depending on their genetics. However over time they will all slowly become more grey and most grey horses will eventually become completely white. At different stages in this …

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Horse Vaulting

Horse Vaulting – The Most Spectacular Equestrian Sport?

What is horse Vaulting? Horse vaulting (commonly referred to as equestrian vaulting) is a specialized and competitive equestrian sport in which riders perform acrobatic and dance like maneuvers on horseback.  It is one of the six FEI disciplines and its roots can be traced back to the ancient Roman games. …

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Bald Face Horse and other Horse Markings Explained

One of the most beautiful features of the horse is their unique markings. Horse markings typically refer to the presence of a light marking on an otherwise dark base color coat.  Every marking is different, and it is a reminder of each horses unique personality. Markings such as bald face, …

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Horse Water Thirst

Horse Water Needs – Tips for managing a Horses Hydration

Water is essential for your horse’s health. It has a role to play in every part of the horse’s body. Learning to manage your horse’s water quality and intake is one of the most important skills to learn. Why is water so important? Water keeps the body functioning correctly. Proper …

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Can Horses Swim?

Can Horses Swim? The Facts about horses and swimming

Horses, like many mammals, can swim naturally without being taught. When a horse swims, it paddles, similar to how a dog swims. If you looked through a clear window that allows you to see underwater, it would look like the horse doing a type of trot in the water. However, …

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Horse supplements

The 9 Most Popular Horse Supplements

Horse owners want to do the best for the health of their horses. To help owners fill this need, the use of horse supplements has become hugely popular. But knowing what one is the best or choosing between brands is overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices here are …

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Highland Pony Scotland

The Highland Pony – History, Uses, and Interesting Facts

The Highland pony is one of the most well known native British horse breeds. The breed is specifically a Scottish pony that has developed over several centuries. Scotland has a harsh environment and climate that can often be quite severe in winter. The Highland pony has developed to survive in …

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friesian cover

The Friesian Horse – History, Info, & Interesting Facts

The Friesian horse breed has an undeniable presence. They stand tall and proud, making it very unlikely they would go unnoticed in a group of horses. Despite their bulky physique, the Friesian is graceful and light-footed in its movements. The Friesian is a popular and well known horse breed.   …

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