13 Tips for Improving Your Lower Leg Position

Whatever the equestrian discipline you participate in, the lower leg position is fundamental to the effectiveness and stability of the rider.  Flatwork and jumping require the rider to use the lower leg in tow completely different ways which reflect the demands of each discipline and also the style of saddle …

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How Catch Hard to Catch Horse

How to Catch a Hard-to-Catch Horse

Horses can be hard to catch for lots of different reasons and this problem is certainly one of the most frustrating and unwelcome aspects of horse behavior.  Working out why the horse is hard to catch can help solve the problem but not always.  Like many things equine, once you …

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4 Common Hand Problems and How to Fix Them

Contact or, more precisely, the contact with the horse’s mouth is one of the great keys and yet one of the most complex mysteries of riding all at the same time.  An even elastic contact is what all the trainers and competitors talk about. However can often seem as elusive …

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good rider4

7 Qualities of a Great Horse Rider

What makes a great rider? Is it something that some people are born with or is it more to do with knowledge and skill acquired through lots of practice? It is also worth nothing that the  definition of a great rider is very subjective. To one person it might simply …

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Jumping tips

19 simple tips for horse jumping beginners

Jumping is one of the most exciting activities that you can do with a horse but, like all equestrian disciplines, it takes time, patience, training and application to be successful at it.  Any experienced jumping rider will tell you that jumping is 99% flatwork it’s all about the quality of …

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On the bit

Getting your horse on the bit

Getting your horse on the bit is a phrase which conjures up confusion and mystery in equal measure.  Many riders focus on the front end of the horse and concentrate on the position of the horse’s head and, whilst this is relevant, it can be rather like picking up the …

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happy horse rider

8 Ways that Horse Riding Benefits your Health

To the untrained eye it can be hard to see all the health benefits of horse riding. Non riders and people unfamiliar with horse riding mostly see the horse working and do not appreciate the hard work and the associated health benefits that come with horse riding. As a horse …

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No stirrups

17 tips to improve your riding without Stirrups

Riding without stirrups is a tried and trusted technique with known and established benefits for the horse rider.  Working without stirrups promotes the rider’s balance, stability and depth of seat and is a training tool used by many instructors and riders of all levels.  It can encourage the development of …

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Horse sunburn barn

Tips for Affording a Horse on a budget

Whether you own a horse or even just attend lessons you will know that equestrian hobbies are not cheap. Horses are large animals that require lots of care that can quickly add up financially. On top of that there is lots of different equipment and things that you can buy …

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