4 Common Hand Problems and How to Fix Them

Contact or, more precisely, the contact with the horse’s mouth is one of the great keys and yet one of the most complex mysteries of riding all at the same time.  An even elastic contact is what all the trainers and competitors talk about. However can often seem as elusive …

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On the bit

Getting your horse on the bit

Getting your horse on the bit is a phrase which conjures up confusion and mystery in equal measure.  Many riders focus on the front end of the horse and concentrate on the position of the horse’s head and, whilst this is relevant, it can be rather like picking up the …

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Horse sunburn barn

Tips for Affording a Horse on a budget

Whether you own a horse or even just attend lessons you will know that equestrian hobbies are not cheap. Horses are large animals that require lots of care that can quickly add up financially. On top of that there is lots of different equipment and things that you can buy …

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