Horse Bite

7 Ways to Stop your Horse Biting

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of an equine nip or bite will know only too well how painful it is.  Probably less deadly than a kick, biting is nevertheless an unwelcome and dangerous habit. There are many ways to stop a horse biting but first we need …

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Sitting Trot2

7 Ways to Improve Your Sitting Trot

Sitting trot is not without its challenges but is an important part of rider development and education plus a prerequisite in dressage once you reach a certain competitive level.  More advanced movements like shoulder in and half pass can only really be executed in sitting trot and the rider needs …

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10 Ways to Calm a Nervous Horse

Horses are flight animals and are therefore sensitive and constantly tuned to what they perceive as danger.  Our perception of danger is not necessarily the same as theirs; some things trigger worry and fear in most horses but much of it is down to the individual character of a horse …

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