Horse sunburn barn

Tips for Affording a Horse on a budget

Whether you own a horse or even just attend lessons you will know that equestrian hobbies are not cheap. Horses are large animals that require lots of care that can quickly add up financially. On top of that there is lots of different equipment and things that you can buy …

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Horse height

How to Choose the Right Sized Horse

Whether you’re buying a horse for yourself, for your child, or for someone else, it’s important to know what size of horse that you should get. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as just walking to a farm and picking out one that looks like a good fit. While most …

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Sitting Trot2

7 Ways to Improve Your Sitting Trot

Sitting trot is not without its challenges but is an important part of rider development and education plus a prerequisite in dressage once you reach a certain competitive level.  More advanced movements like shoulder in and half pass can only really be executed in sitting trot and the rider needs …

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12 Beginner Horse Riding Exercises

Horse riding is a unique physical challenge, it tests out every fibre of your being and requires strength, flexibility and coordination. As every good rider knows, there are exercises which you can do both on and off the horse to help improve core strength, balance and technique.  We take a …

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see the stride

5 tips on how to see the perfect stride

Getting the distance correct when jumping a fence is one of the hardest parts of jumping. If you watch a professional jumper, one of the things you will notice immediately is how easy it seems for them to get the perfect distance for the jump. Their canter into the fence …

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Horse riding bad habits

9 horse riding bad habits to avoid

When we watch good riders it sometimes seems like they are not doing that much at all. This is because they have developed a balance and awareness that make it seem like they are riding effortlessly. They have good posture, grips, and their body is well positioned to deliver their …

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Horse Riding Beginners

Top 8 beginner horse riding mistakes

You may have visions of galloping across fields in front of stately homes reminiscent of Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy or even harbour dreams of competing at a world-famous equestrian event but learning to ride is a journey so sit back, or should that be up, and enjoy the ride. Learning …

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6 Tips how to improve your dressage score

Dressage is both a sport and an art. It is an expression of movement that can be physically demanding for both horse and rider. It requires a lot of practice and dedication.  However even with lots of practice it is easy to make mistakes that can mark a test score …

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Horse fall

8 Tips for falling off a horse safely

There is a well known saying that maintains you have to fall off a horse so many times to be a good rider.   It is definitely accepted that if you really want to challenge yourself or just ride a real horse, from time to time you will fall off.  This …

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