How Fast can a Horse Run

How Fast can a Horse Run?

There are a ton of different world records that even to this day seem practically unbeatable to say the least. One such record is the one that was given to a horse that managed to run as fast as 43.97mph, but there are still a lot of different unofficial records …

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Can horses See in the Dark

Can Horses See in the Dark?

We all know by now that all horses have excellent vision which is why we do have to ask ourselves, can they actually see in the dark? They need extremely good eyesight simply because they gallop very fast, and they need their eyes to be able to see across rough …

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Warmblood Horse & Other Horse Types Explained

When reading about horses, you may come across terms such as warmblood horse , cold blood horse, and hot blooded to describe certain types of horse.  These terms can be confusing, as a horse can’t literally have cold blood or blood hotter than another horse. So what do these terms …

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