Kiger Mustang

8 interesting Facts about the Kiger Mustang

The Kiger Mustang is a strain of mustang that are found in one particular region in the United States. They are one of the best known horses that are bred in the wild. Their unique genetic makeup, coloring, and other impressive physical traits along with their intelligence has meant that …

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Horse supplements

6 Famous Dutch Horse Breeds

The Dutch have a long history of breeding horses. In the Netherlands there is evidence that horses were bred since at least the 4th century . The most famous breeds are associated with particular provinces or regions and in many cases were developed to meet the unique farming needs of …

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Dun Horse

5 Must Know Facts About Dun Horses

When somebody mentions a Dun horse they are usually referring to a specific coloration of horse. A classic dun horse has a tan color or a grey gold color that is easy to distinguish Duns horses are not a specific but instead share a specific Dun gene that is responsible …

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Arabian Horse

The 5 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World

Horse Breeding is a practice that goes back millennia. Since before Roman Times Horses have been bred for work, sport, war, and various other purposes. Selective horse breeding is done to perpetuate bloodlines and enhance certain desirable characteristics of a horse. Today horse owners pay exorbitant sums of money for …

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Tennessee walking horse

Tennessee walking horse – 7 facts you may not know

The Tennessee Walking Horse, commonly called the Tennessee Walker, is a light horse breed developed in middle Tennessee for use on southern plantations in the USA during the 18th century. The horse is synonymous with the south in particular Tennessee who have declared it the national horse of that state. The horse …

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Akhal Teke Horse

8 Facts about the Akhal Teke Horse

All horses are beautiful, stoic creatures that are interesting to behold and spend time with. However, some horses are renown for being unique and possessing interesting characteristics that one might not find in your everyday equine. One such horse is the Akhal Teke horse, an interesting breed that’s often known …

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The 5 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

The fastest animal on earth is the cheetah which has a top speed of between 68mph and 75mph.  However, the cheetah doesn’t have to carry anything on its back.  So, the accolade of the fastest weight bearing mammal on earth is awarded to the horse and the fastest horse breed …

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