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6 ways to include your horse in your wedding

By Anne Forsberg


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Your wedding day is a celebration of the commitment and love between you and your partner. The day traditionally includes friends and family and many people try to include the personalize the day by including their personality and other parts of the life in the celebration. If like me your passion is horses, then you might like to include some part of your equestrian life in your big day.

Whether you own a horse or not there are plenty of ways of including horses in the big day. Here are some of my favorite:

Equestrian Theme

If physically bringing your horse to your big day is not an option then why not opt for an equestrian theme. The extent to which you use the theme during the celebrations is up to you.

An equestrian theme might look similar to a country themed wedding. Here are some ideas of how to create an equestrian themed wedding

  • Equestrian venue- eg stables, country house, polo club
  • Equestrian themed menu
  • Horse themed cake
  • Decorations including horse shoes, hay bales, place names
  • Equestrian jewelry for you and the wedding party.

Arrive in Style

Why not arrive on horseback for the ceremony. It is a guaranteed way to surprise all your guests and it will also make for some amazing photos. Sitting in the saddle may be difficult depending on your dress but it is not impossible. If this not practical then why not arrive in horse drawn cart. It will make for an incredible picture and is a great way to include your horse in your big day.

Flower Horse

If riding a horse is not an option then why not have a flower horse present at the big day. A nice flower garland on a well groomed horse can look stunning and is sure to impress your guests. It will also make for some cool photo opportunities with the wedding party and other guests.

If going for this option you will need to ensure that you have an experienced handler available on the day. Depending on your horses temperament they may get nervous  from all the commotion  on the big day and some guests may be unfamiliar with horses and will not be aware how to properly approach.

Photoshoot with your Horse

A big part of any wedding is the photos.  The day comes and goes in the blink of an eye but you will have the photos forever.

Incorporating your horse into the photo shoot is one of the easiest ways to include your horse on your big day. It is also an excuse to do some major grooming to get your horse looking great for the wedding. Photo opportunities  with your horse depend on the venue of your wedding. Pinterest has some great photo ideas for horses at weddings if you are stuck.

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are now commonplace at many wedding celebrations. It can work out very expensive if purchasing gifts for a large group of people. However there are many equestrian type gifts that can be purchased quite cheaply or even handmade yourself. For example the horse shoe is a traditional wedding gift. Why not see if you can collect some old horseshoes that you could clean, polish, and paint to present to your guests.

Horse shoes are a symbol of good luck and many people keep them in their homes. If you want to go all out you could even get the polished shoes engraved with a a message that includes the date of your wedding.

Horse Ringbearer

Why not give your horse one of the most important jobs of the day. Having a horse deliver the rings during the ceremony will be memorable and will help to ease the tension of what can be a tense day.

This option may only be possible in an outdoor venue as you don’t want your horse to relieve themselves in the aisle of a nice church or ceremony room!


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