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50 stunning names for your Horse

By Anne Forsberg


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One of the most fun things about getting a horse is picking a name. You want a horse name that represents their look while also capturing their personality.

Picking a name for a horse is a lot like picking a name for a newborn. It can be an agonizing process to find the perfect fit with lots of consulting and reviewing. However picking a horse name also gives you a license to be a bit braver and quirkier if you are that way inclined.

I have created the list below based on some of my favorite names. I have a strong love of traditional Irish names and have sprinkled some of my favorites through the list.


25 stunning horse names for Mares & fillies:

  1. Wendy: whimsical name, perfect for a particularly pretty mare. It has German origins and also features in Peter Pan!
  2. Dawn: this is a beautiful old English name that is perfect for your filly born at daybreak.
  3. Emmy: cute name for your cheeky mare. If you ever had dreams of winning an Emmy, this could be the perfect way of telling people that you have ‘an Emmy’
  4. Victory: strong name for your horse that is going to go on to do great things! Also shortens to Vic which is adorable.
  5. Paris: classy name for your elegant mare that has an air of grace about her!
  6. Juliet: romantic Shakespearean inspired name for your most loved mare! Also we love the stable name ‘Jules’
  7. Beau: French inspired name that is just adorable.
  8. Alanna: pretty and unusual name for your special mare.
  9. Fia: Irish name meaning ‘wild deer’ for your babe that reminds you of a little deer bouncing around!
  10. Arabella: elegant name that can be shortened for Bella or Ella or Ara…so many options!
  11. Rosie: simple, cute and timeless…can’t go wrong with this name!
  12. Willow: whimsical and pretty for your little stunner!
  13. Beatrice: gorgeous unusual name for your horse that can be shortened to Bea which is too cute!
  14. Lily-Mai: love this double barrelled name for your beautiful mare!
  15. Fury: for your firey mare that has a bit of spark in her!
  16. Esme: great French inspired name that you won’t find in every stable!
  17. Ruby: Brill names for chestnuts!
  18. Wildfire: love this name for your mare that has a sense of wildness in her!
  19. Sansa: if you love Game of Thrones, this name is the perfect reference! Particularly great for your stunning chestnut mare!
  20. Rain: amazing unique name! Just dont get it confused for ‘Rein’
  21. Rebel: great name for your mare that has a personality of her own!
  22. Madonna: strong powerful name for your horse that has a big personality!
  23. Marylegs: throwback to the little grey in the film ‘Black Beauty’. Love this fun name for little mares!
  24. Daire: Gaelic name pronounced Dara. Definitely unique for your one in a million mare!
  25. Jasmine: if you love the Disney film Aladdin, this name is a great reference to it! So pretty and different, and you can call your treasured mare Jaz or Jazzy for short which is very cool!


25 unique horse names for geldings, stallions and colts:

  1. Guinness: if you are fond of the black stuff, or if your boy is a bit of a black beauty, this name is perfect!
  2. Cobalt: great strong name for your dark handsome horse!
  3. Liam: great name that is super trendy at the moment!
  4. Levi: cool and easy name for your cool and easy boy!
  5. Sydney: for an Aussie inspired name, this is ideal! Also love the shortened version of Syd!
  6. Kendrick: for fans of Kendrick Lamar.
  7. Albus: for the Harry Potter fans out there, this name is great for reference to Dumbledore! It is also terribly cute!
  8. Remy: Love this trendy name inspired by actor Remi Malik
  9. Connor: Gaelic name that is strong and powerful!
  10. Sandor: Game of Thrones inspired name (it is The Hounds real name), and can be shortened to the much cuter version of ‘Sandy’
  11. Bleu: cool French name for your horse that has some blue tones, like your steel greys or blue ronans.
  12. Nico: fun Italian name for your cheeky chap!
  13. Donovan: this name also has Gaelic origins, meaning brown or dark. Great for your dark handsome horse!
  14. Arlo: great name for your cutie pie!
  15. Seamus: Irish name meaning James. Pronounced Shameis. Can be shortened to Seamie!
  16. Yoda: for the Star Wars fans out there, this is a great name!
  17. Forrest: love this solid nature inspired name! Especially good for Forrest Gump fans!
  18. Bombay: great unique name named after Indian region! Great name for your stunning Bay boy!
  19. Rory: beautiful Gaelic name meaning ‘Red haired king’. Perfect for a big chestnut!
  20. Moe: short, simple and very very cute!
  21. Stormzy: if you like the singer, or maybe just the name, this name is very cool and can be shortened to Storm.

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