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10 Equestrian Influencers to Follow On Instagram

By Anne Forsberg


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Equestrian hobbies and interests may seem like a niche enthusiasm but there is no shortage of people on social media looking to find good equestrian content. Over the last number of years a number of people have cultivated large followings who are interested in such content. These “Equestrian Influencers” come from various different equestrian backgrounds and each has their own particular brand and style. Some of them are focused on providing equestrian style and fashion whereas others primarily share equestrian photography or simply just content showing their unique equestrian lifestyle.

Different content providers have their own preference for which social media platform. The list below highlights our favorite equestrian influencers currently doing their thing on Instagram

1. Karl Cook & Kaley Cuoco

Karl Cook is an professional showjumper and the husband of American actress Kaley Cuoco who is best know for her role on the massive popular hit series The Big Bang Theory. Karl competes at Grand Prix level in showjumping and has won several major FEI events. When not jumping he spends his time at his huge Pomponio Ranch down in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Karl is the younger son of tech entrepreneur and Billionaire Scott Cook, the co-founder of Intuit. Karls and his wife Kaley met through their mutual passion for horses and they both regularly post content with their various horses and other four legged animals that they own. Karl in particular loves to post content showing riding tips for his 400k+ followers. Kaley on the other hand posts a mix of lifestyle and other content but also regularly posts equestrian content for her 6 million+ followershtt


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2. Zinta Braukas

Zinta Braukas is a fashion model, polo player and adventure enthusiast who has become popular on Instagram in recent years. Zinta is also a helicopter pilot and regularly posts content of her trips of stunning landscapes. Her Instagram content features her adventures and travels that typically involve her riding beautiful horses in stunning settings. Zinta currently has approximately 80k followers on Instagram.


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3. Bethany Lee

Bethany Lee is an ambassador for US Equestrian and the person behind the hugely popular equestrian fashion blog My Equestrian Style. She is also the host host and founder of The Equestrian Podcast. Bethany is primarily based in Northern Florida and regularly posts content covering horse-riding, travel, fashion, family and fitness on her very popular Instagram account


4. Nacho Figueras

Nacho Figueras is a professional Argentinian Polo player, businessman and model. Since 200 he has been the face of Ralph Lauren’s Black Label line since 2005 and is often referred to as the David Beckham of Polo. He owns his own range of fragrances, sold at Bergdorf Goodman and also has a global design consultancy focused on equine sports. Nacho has been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres show and counts Ellen as a good friend. He has over 170k follower on Instagram currently and where he posts a mix of fashion, lifestyle, and equestrian content.

5. Ariana Rockefeller

Ariana Rockefeller is a 5th generation member of the Rockefeller family and is a professional showjumper, designer, and businesswoman. She grew up riding horses on her family farm and horses have always been a huge part of her life. She is primarily focused on her show jumping career but also has her own fashion brand AR that specialize in the design of handbags. In 2018 she collaborated with Longines to  to design a handbag for the inaugural Longines Masters of New York show jumping competition. She has almost 50k follower on Instagram currently and posts a mix of lifestyle, fashion, and equestrian content.

6. Carina Maiwald

Carina Maiwald is a German Equestrian photographer that has won multiple awards for her stunning equestrian photography that features wild and tamed horses around the world. Carina has been published in major media outlets such as CNN International, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel and currently has just under 100k followers on Instagram.

7. Jordan McCabe

Jordan McCabe is the founder of of Aztec Diamond Equestrian, a clothing brand which creates fashionable but affordable equestrian clothing for young female riders. The brand sell direct to its customers online. In 2019 Jordan won Lloyd’s Bank National Business Awards New Entrepreneur of the Year. The . The Aztec Diamond Equestrian Instagram recently surpassed a quarter of a million followers and continues to go from strength to strength. On her own personal account Jordan shares a mix of lifestyle and equestrian content.

8. Alex Calder

Alex Calder is an Irish event rider who is behind the account Between Two Ears. Alex owns a number of horses including thoroughbred’s Ben and Joe and regularly shares quality content of her time with her horses in the stunning countryside of county Wicklow in Ireland. Alex also has a young family and her posts also regularly feature the newest addition to her family.

9. Matt Harnacke

Matt Harnacke is an Equestrian enthusiast, dressage rider, and international model who has become one of the best known equestrian influencers in the world. Since 2014 Matt has built up an impressive online following on both Instagram and YouTube where he regularly posts equestrian related content. His success as an equestrian blogger and content creator have led to a number of commercial opportunities including a partnership with FEI & Longines. Matt was born in Milan Italy, and moved to Australia at the age of 10 years old. His mother is Italian and his father is German. See our full profile on Matt for more info.



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10. Jesse Drent

Jesse Drent is a model, equestrian enthusiast, and influencer who has built up a following of over 400k on Instagram. Jesse is a good friend of Matt and lives with Matt on a farm in the Netherlands where he keeps his horses Andorra, Macho, Antares and Gaio. Jesse loves to post content showing his various methods of training horses including lots of fun videos of trick training. He also has his own equestrian brand called Nalanta.

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