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25 Stunning Names for Your Gray Mare

By Anne Forsberg


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Gray colouring is common in many horse breeds. It is estimated that approximately one in ten horses carry a mutation in their genetics which means they will grey with age. Different breeds and individuals within these breeds can take different amounts of time to grey out.  However from an early age you will have a pretty good idea if a foal is going to be a gray.

When naming a Gray there are some classic names that you can consider depending on their individual look. Some gray’s appear nearly completely white while others are dappled gray, dark gray, or even what is known as Fleabitten gray.

Here are a list of some of the classics alongside some of my favourites:

  1. Dawn: beautiful name for a beautiful gray girl.
  2. Ghost: ideal for a stunning white horse in particular.
  3. Kali: short for Khaleesi, the white haired Queen from  Game of Thrones
  4. Lia: comes from the Gaelic for ‘gray’
  5. Apollo: strong name from Greek mythology.
  6. Misty: traditional name for a lovely gray mare.
  7. Merrylegs: after the cutest little gray mare to ever grace our screens in Black Beauty. Perfect for a cheeky pony!
  8. Daisy: A wild flower and a pretty name for your beauty.
  9. Pearl: classic name that will never go out of fashion.
  10. Dapples: ideal for a stunning dappled gray mare.
  11. Neptune: an out-of-this-world name for your once in a lifetime horse.
  12. Beauty: name her as she is-beautiful!
  13. Luna: gorgeous name meaning moon.
  14. Hailey: cute name for your cute girly.
  15. Freckles: perfect for your speckled gray mare.
  16. Skye: for a horse that hits the sky when she jumps!
  17. Lainey: prettiest name for prettiest pony.
  18. Dusty: A classic Unisex name for a Gray
  19. Ash: Another Unisex name for a pretty Gray
  20. Mouse: Mousey in color but maybe not in temperament
  21. Misty: pretty girls name that is also a good description of some Grays color
  22. Pebbles: A great name for gray Pony
  23. Blair: strong name for a strong character!
  24. Buffy: Name of popular 2000’s Tv show and cute name for your mare
  25. Beau: French name meaning beautiful.

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