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100 Funny Horse Names That You Will Surely Love

By Alex Verwest


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Horses are absolutely stunning creatures that will always be ready to help us no matter what. They have been with us for longer than most other animals, so it’s no wonder that our bond with horses is so strong these days.

As such, many people have just now decided to get their hands on a loveable four-legged friend that they can ride around on every now and then.

In honor of these newfound friends, we decided to bring to 100 funny horse names that are sure to inspire you to give your buddy a brand-new nickname to laugh at every time you call them towards you.

But before we actually give you our list, we would like to offer you a little segment in which we will be discussing how you can find the perfect name for your horse. So, without further ado, let’s hop right into it:

How To Name Your Horse?

How To Name Your Horse
Photo by Kenny Webster / unsplash.com

If you do want to start naming your horses yourself then chances are that you will be needing plenty of inspiration to make sure that you’ve given them the right nicknames that they can live by.

So, here are our favorite approaches that you can take:

  • First of all, you can name your horse based on its pedigree or lineage. A lot of breeds end up nicknamed after their thoroughbred lineage for example, so you can take their long names and instead shorten them to make them easier to pronounce and remember
  • Second, you can name your horse based on its appearance. For example, if your horse has a very unique looking marking on its back, like a star or a pair of socks, you can use that to your advantage as you name them after that unique trait of theirs
  • Third, you can name your horse based on its personality. If they are especially loving for example, you can give them more cuddly names while if they are known for being energetic, definitely go for something spicier like Flash for example
  • Last but not least, you can just use a name generator and see which of these names suits your horse the best. This will take a while until you find a proper name but it will help jolt your imagination a bit to make it easier for yourself to find the perfect name.

For the most part though, it’s not about what is the perfect name, it’s more so about which name you can see yourself calling out to whenever you see the horse away from you.

Picture the fact that you are alone and you want to get your horse to come with you, which of these names would you rather pick? That’s the question you need to ask yourself. With all of that being said though, let’s hop right into the 100 best horse names we have in store for you today:

The Most Popular Horse Names

Most Popular Horse Names
Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas / pexels.com
  • Spirit – Always a great choice that you can’t go wrong with, especially if your horse is a male.
  • Shadow – If you have a dark-skinned horse this nickname will fit them perfectly.
  • Gypsy – This one’s more of a nickname than anything, but even if your horse isn’t a gypsy, you can still use it because of how fitting it is.
  • Charlie – One of the best nicknames out there for sure, it is just so simple and it rolls off the tongue very easily.
  • Teddy – You can give any animal this nickname and it will suit them perfectly.
  • Patchy – This one again has a lot to do with the horse’s fur pattern, so if you feel like this name matches then definitely go for it.
  • Jasmine – If you’re a fan of the Aladdin movie then this one will definitely make for a great female horse name for sure.
  • Ace – This nickname is pretty much just perfect for any horse out there and that’s a fact.
  • Clementine – Is this a reference to the Walking Dead videogame or is it a reference to that old song? You decide.
  • Muriel – This one may seem a bit cliché but it is still a great choice for any horse that is especially friendly and cute.
  • Vera – Although this may sound like an old lady name, we absolutely love it whenever we see a Vera in the stables.
  • Rose – If you loved the Titanic film and you want to show off this love then definitely consider naming your horse Rose.
  • Sonic – One of the best names out there for speedy horses.
  • Cash – This one’s just a classic you can’t go wrong with.
  • Snoopy – Cute yet also catchy, no wonder it’s so commonly used.

The Funniest Horse Names

Funniest Horse Names
Photo by Magdalena Smolnicka / unsplash.com
  • May the Horse Be with You – Regardless of whether you liked the sequels or not, you have to admit that this nickname is really clever.
  • Watch Me Neigh Neigh – This reference to the Silento song makes for an absolutely hilarious nickname right here.
  • Al Capony – The seriousness of Scarface coupled with the goofy eyed nature of your horse will always make for a hilarious combo.
  • Trojan Horse – This one’s really funny if you know the historical implications behind it.
  • Magic Carpet – Show your lover a whole new world as you ride around on your Magic Carpet.
  • DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo – Do we even need to say why this one’s hilarious?
  • Long Face – This one may seem a bit meaner, but trust us, it’s really funny to introduce your horse as “Long Face McGee” to everyone.
  • Rogue One – Is your horse especially fast? If so then this may very well be the perfect nickname for them.
  • Thanorse – If you’re a fan of the MCU and you want to name your horse after the most intimidating villain so far, definitely go with this nickname.
  • Jersey Shorse – Just take a second to imagine the face that everyone will be making as they hear that your prized horse is actually called Jersey Shorse.

The Best Celebrity-Inspired Horse Names

Best Celebrity-Inspired Horse Names
Photo by Ada K / pixabay.com
  • Schumer – Named after Amy Schumer, regardless of whether you’re a fan of her comedy skits or not, you do have to see the irony in naming your horse after her.
  • Silverman – Sarah Silverman serves as the inspiration behind this name, and again, no matter of whether you like her as a comedian or not, you do have to laugh at this nickname every time you see it.
  • Kolt Kardashian – The Kardashians are everywhere on TV, so why not have your very own in your stable too?
  • Donald Trump – He may not have won the election but he surely won that extra pile of hay you just flung their way.
  • Doja Horse – Are you a fan of Doja Cat? If so, definitely consider calling your horse Doja Horse in her honor.
  • Cremello Anthony – Based on one of the most popular NBA players out there, this nickname makes even more sense if your horse is very fast on its feet and very quick when it comes to making decisions on the spot.
  • Usain Colt – No need for an explanation here, it’s just a really good pun.
  • Kate Winsalot – If you are a fan of the Titanic films then you may want to consider using this name.
  • Forest Jump – Jump Forest, jump!
  • Madonna – Just a classy and simplistic name, we don’t have anything else to add here.

The Best Male Horse Names

Best Male Horse Names
Photo by Helena Lopes / pexels.com
  • Houdini – The perfect name for any horse that finds themselves stuck a lot in awkward places.
  • Jet – Simple and unique, can’t go wrong with it.
  • Flash – Fastest horse alive nickname right here.
  • Blaze – If your horse leaves every other competitor in the dust then you may want to consider this as its new nickname.
  • Comet – Yet another one of those perfectly fitted nicknames that can fit most male horses out there.
  • Bullet – This one’s again a reference to your horse’s speed, although it is also a bit more aggressive too.
  • Leo – A prideful name that we just absolutely love with all of our hearts.
  • Tiger – A cool and simplistic name that you will never get tired of saying.
  • Apollo – Named after the god of divine distance, this nickname is perfect for any speedy horse out there.
  • Star – This is honestly the best nickname if your horse has any markings on its back that somewhat resemble a star.

The Best Female Horse Names

Best Female Horse Names
Photo by Marc Scharping / stock.adobe.com
  • Fifty Bales of Hay – This one’s obviously a reference to the film “50 Shades of Grey” and it fits most horses out there.
  • Pony Tail – A cute yet simple name that will probably fit any mare.
  • Lady She – Simplistic yet very catchy, you can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Lady Fur – Very similar to Lady She, although this one is better fitted for mares with thicker coats on them.
  • Reya Sunshine – Is your horsy your little ray of sunshine? If so, then definitely go with this nickname right here.
  • My Little Pony – This nickname is both cute and funny at the same time, so definitely consider using it.
  • DeGeneres – If you’re a fan of Ellen DeGeneres definitely consider naming your horse after her.
  • Zee Bruh – This one just rolls off the tongue in how simple yet funny it really is.
  • Just Mare-ied – This clever pun is honestly one of the smartest and most adorable names you could pick here.
  • Gaits of Hell – A bit more intense, we know, but it is still a great option for a more serious race horse that is ready to leave everyone else in the dust.
  • Peggy Sue’s – This one’s both adorable and easy to remember, making it one of the best nicknames out there for sure.
  • Fleatia – If you want to laugh with your horse every time you call them by, use this nickname right here.
  • Bae – This is honestly one of the most perfect options you could go for simply because it shows that you do care about your horse while also showing the fact that you have a sense of humor with such a strange and unique nickname.
  • Daisy – This one’s just downright adorable, and this makes it one of the most perfect options you could pick from here.
  • Sunshine – If seeing your horse makes your day better then definitely consider nicknaming them your very own “Sunshine”.
  • Annie – We immediately start thinking about the Attack on Titan character when we hear this nickname, but even if you’re not a fan of the show you have to say that it is a very cute name to begin with.
  • Sugar – A very cute and down to earth option right here, nothing else to say except for the fact that it is just very adorable to hear someone call their horse “sugar”.
  • Daenerys – Named after the famous character from Game of Thrones, this name will be sure to empower your horse to get whatever job it has to do done by the end of the day.
  • Brienne – This one’s based on Brienne of Tarth, another fictional character from the show Game of Thrones.
  • Moana– If you’re a fan of the Disney film then you will surely love this nickname too.
  • Bella – Are you a fan of the Twilight films? If so, then definitely consider naming your horse Bella in honor of the character that you loved watching so much over the years.
  • Elsa – This one will get every child around the block to come and try to interact with your horse for sure.
  • Eve – You may not have an Adam out there just yet, but you can still give your horse an apple every now and then to make the days go by quicker.
  • Lolly – This one’s just a really cute nickname that you can’t go wrong with.
  • Juno – Juno is a rather beautiful story about bravery and empowerment, so it makes for the perfect inspiration for your horse’s nickname to say the least.

Cutest Horse Names

Cutest Horse Names
Photo by Ulrike Leone / pixabay.com
  • Bambi – This one’s an adorable name, just pray to every God out there that your horse won’t get to experience the same brutal ending that the film Bambi got.
  • Butter – This name especially fits heavier baby horses.
  • Ballerina – If your horse is especially energetic then definitely consider nicknaming her Ballerina.
  • Playboy – If your horse is very handsome and quite muscular then you can always go ahead and nickname him Playboy.
  • Playgirl – The opposite also applies here as you can name your mane Playgirl to emphasize just how beautiful she is.
  • Sunny – If every time you look at your horse, your day gets a tiny bit brighter, then definitely consider giving them this nickname.
  • Horsen Around – This one’s just cute and clever at the same time.
  • Whinnie the Horseshoe – A clever pun based on Winnie the Pooh, this one will get a lot of children to laugh as you tell them that the big and intimidating horse is actually named Whinnie.
  • JunkInTheTrunk – We don’t have any real words to say about this one, it is just downright perfect for any horse that has that badonkadonk.
  • Juliet – If you’re a fan of Shakespeare then definitely consider nicknaming your horse after one of his most popular romantic stories of all time, aka Romeo and Juliet.
  • Cookie – This nickname suits pretty much any horse out there, regardless of their size, gender or breed.
  • Mocha – More of a color-based nickname, if you see that it fits then definitely go with this one.
  • Milky – Similar to the former nickname, Milky just rolls off the tongue to say the least.
  • Chewie – You can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Flopsy – If your horse has very floppy ears then definitely consider using this nickname.

Our Personal Favorite Horse Names

Bald face colt horse close up in farm field with paint mare graz
Photo by ccestep8 / stock.adobe.com
  • Exhorseist – Are you ready to get spooked? If so, definitely choose this nickname to instill fear into everyone’s eyes as you leave them in your dust.
  • What the Buck – Definitely not the perfect nickname for children to hear, but at the same time, it will make every one of them laugh out loud for sure.
  • Bald Face Kid – This one’s just so ridiculous we couldn’t have it missing from the list.
  • Dawn – This one’s both classy and beautiful at the same time, definitely worth picking.
  • Esmeralda – If you’re like us then you loved the Hunchback of Notre Dame and you definitely would love to name your horse in honor of one of the best characters that Disney ever created.
  • Gluteus Maximus – If your horse has an extra massive behind then definitely consider using this nickname.
  • Macareigna – If you want everyone to start dancing the moment that they hear you mention your horse’s name, definitely go with this option right here.
  • Teeny Turner – Combining the word “tiny” with the famous singer Tina Turner’s name is both brilliant and hilarious at the same time.
  • Barb – Based on one of the saddest losses in the series Stranger Things, Barb will forever live on in our stables from now on with this name.
  • Willow – There’s no real deeper meaning to this nickname, it just downright sounds cool and mysterious.
  • Prada – You may not wear Prada but you can definitely ride it!
  • Goliath – This one’s just downright awesome, and that’s about it.
  • Rafiki – We all love the Lion King, so why not name your horse after one of the best and funniest characters in it?
  • Princess – Because at the end of the day, every mane is our little princess, even if they could easily crush us by just sitting on us.
  • Cowboy – This one’s perfect for any horse out there and that’s a fact.


Funny Horse Names
Photo by Fabian Burghardt / unsplash.com

These were all just random recommendations that we had for you, but keep in mind that you can also use a random name generator to get the perfect name right this very moment.

But regardless, we would like to thank you for reading and we hope that we helped you decide on what you want to call your horse.

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