Horse Bits

The Most Common Types of Horse Bits

Looking at horse bits is overwhelming. There are hundreds of different types. In recent years, many new designs have hit the market. However, choosing the right bit for your horse does not have to be complicated. Most horses will only need a common type. Let’s take a look at some …

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Horse Rolling

Why do horses roll? Different reasons explained

If you spend enough time around horses, you will have noticed one of their favorite activities is having a good roll. A nice dusty part of the paddock or a muddy puddle is particularly appealing. Often to the horror of their owners who have just spent time getting them sparkling …

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good rider4

9 Horse Equipment Essentials for first time owners

Owning a horse is an expensive undertaking, especially for a first time owner that hasn’t built up a supply of equipment. However, after your initial outlay, your horse tack can last you years if you look after it well. 1. Grooming Kit A grooming kit consists of a collection of …

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13 Tips for Improving Your Lower Leg Position

Whatever the equestrian discipline you participate in, the lower leg position is fundamental to the effectiveness and stability of the rider.  Flatwork and jumping require the rider to use the lower leg in tow completely different ways which reflect the demands of each discipline and also the style of saddle …

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equestrian Inluencers

10 Equestrian Influencers to Follow On Instagram

Equestrian hobbies and interests may seem like a niche enthusiasm but there is no shortage of people on social media looking to find good equestrian content. Over the last number of years a number of people have cultivated large followings who are interested in such content. These “Equestrian Influencers” come …

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Degloved Horse Hoof

Degloved Horse Hoof – Causes, Treatment, & Prevention

Occasionally a horse can suffer an injury that results in their entire hoof capsule becoming separated from the foot. When this happens to a horse the injury is commonly referred to a degloved horse hoof. This is a very serious injury as the hoof cap is used to protect many …

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The Best Horse Breeds for Jumping

Most horses are capable of jumping a small jump. But when it comes to needing a horse to participate in jumping regularly, it is best to look at specific breeds. Modern jumping horses have developed over decades of careful breeding. Within certain breeds, there can be a difference in those …

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The Lusitano – Ancient & Majestic Portuguese Horse

The Lusitano Horse originates in Portugal and is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. In fact, today’s Lusitano still carries DNA that follows the maternal line back to the Early Neolithic wild horses of the Iberian Peninsula. Scientific research believes that the Iberian Peninsula was not affected …

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Horse Galloping

6 Tips To Help You Gallop Safely

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom. (Helen Thompson).” Galloping is seen as the ultimate attempt to capture this freedom. When the good weather arrives, so does the desire to head out into the open and experience the magical feeling of a galloping horse. But before you let your inhibitions …

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Horse Diagram

Horse Diagram – The Main Body Parts of a Horse

The chances are that you may know the name of some if not most of a horses body parts. Knowing the body parts is key to good horsemanship and everyone who cares and regularly interacts with horses such have a basic understanding of the main parts of a horses anatomy. …

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